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At TTR Sotheby's International Realty, luxury is not a price point, but rather a level of service. White Glove is an exclusive suite of real estate services designed to make the process of buying and selling a home a delight. ​From strategic home renovations and home staging to furniture consignment and settlement services, White Glove offers buyers and sells a seamless real estate experience designed to provide value at every stage. 



Strategic Home Renovations
Did you know a strategic pre-sale renovation can add thousands of dollars in additional value to your home? Through the White Glove suite, I offer clients of all price points strategic home renovation services designed to maximize the sale price of your home. In partnership with Zoom Casa, my clients enjoy a full suite of home renovation services - all at no upfront cost. Pay for renovations at settlement. Spend fewer days on market. Enjoy a hassle-free renovation handled by an expert project manager. All work is fully-permitted by licensed contractors.




Home Staging & Storage
Powered by Town & Country Movers, Masterpiece, and Staged Interior the Washington Metropolitan Areas most trusted home staging and moving companies, as part of the White Glove suite, I offer home sellers comprehensive home staging services, while also taking care of the laborious process of moving, packing, and storing your home goods. My clients pay no upfront costs for staging or storage - with payment not required until settlement.



Packing & Moving
Moving can be a pain. Through the White Glove suite, my clients enjoy access to Town & Country Movers' turn-key moving, storage, and packing services designed to make the process of selling your home a delight (and at no upfront cost).​ My clients have the option of packing, moving and storage services at no cost until settlement.






Inspection Repairs
Don't let an inspection report be the roadblock to your successful closing. As part of the White Glove suite, I'm partnered with PunchList to provide the fastest and most effective way to complete inspection repairs. With PunchList, you get a quick online estimate, professional contractors who knock out your repairs, and a support team that coordinates and manages everything from start to finish. My clients receive a complete repair cost estimate within 24 hours, all at no cost. PunchList enables sellers to:  Negotiate faster; Complete repairs with ease; and Get your time back, since we coordinate and manage everything for you. Punchlist will even do a pre-listing evaluation and come out to your home before you list and provide accurate repair estimates.



Sotheby's Valuations
While you may not own a Picasso or a rare collection of Faberegé eggs, chances are that you've been curious about the value of something unique or special in your life. Through Sotheby's, I'm able to offer my clients appraisals and valuations for items such as jewelry, fine art, wine and more - regardless of price point.




Décor & Furniture Consignment
For the design aficionado looking for a great deal, there is no better resource than Sotheby's Home, the exclusive platform for buying and selling pre-owned home décor and antique furniture. My clients benefit from an exclusive suite of services designed to buy and sell new, nearly new, or vintage pieces at the click of a button.



Ken will consult with you to help you determine if any of the above strategic partnerships best meet your needs and situation.  Ken also has strong relationships with other business partners who may be well suited to your specific needs.